--> --> For those who R fond of Mohsen Afshani


tahere mokhtari



For those who R fond of Mohsen Afshani

For those who R fond of Mohsen Afshani

For those who R fond of Mohsen Afshani

I am fond of him.what about you?If so lets share our dreams. or atleast fond of English.if U R so: welcome to the world of dreams

For those who R fond of Mohsen Afshani

LOVE IS....what you hide in your eyes

caution:Fisrst of all, answer to above questions

.as fast as you can untill 11th of Farvardin 

  .Hurry up.Don't Delay.I am eagerly looking

forward your answers


(دوستای گلم ،اول به سووالای بالا جواب بدین.بدویین تا دیر نشده.تاخیر جایز نیست.من شدیدا منتظر جواباتونم)





The year 1388 is at the door ,waiting to come in


Happy new year

with great wishes for you


NO MATTER where you are and what you are doing ,Just enjoy every moments of your life.Live your life the way you wanna live it .start from now on.Tommorrow is too late & all I can do is wishing you success and also for My dear love MOHSEN.HAVE you read his interview with "khanevade sabz"magazine???



True LOVE will never die

It's so high in to sky

so that you feel you can fly


and two poems I have Written for my dear(Mohi joon). hope you like


Love is what you hide in your eyes

Love is my heart’s bird that flies

Love is what you wanna escape from

Love is what I feel “it’s charm”

Love is snow, you’ll frost

It is something you can’t trust

Love is blame, I should claim

Burning your soul same as flame

Love is your face, your blue moon

Love is “wishing see you soon”

Love is fantasy, it’s a fiction

It is sudden, with no prediction

Love is emotion, kind of passion

Love is what I call it attraction

Love’s a desire, kept in my heart

Like a fire, its flames so smart

Love’s a puzzle, gives you confusion

You can’t solve it, it’s a delusion

Love is Life, a vital element

When you touch it, it’s elegant

Love’s a puddle; someday you’ll fall in to

When you wanna get out, it’s just hitting you




You’re my sun & I need your shine

You’re my sky & I need you high above my head

You’re my rain & I need you pouring down on my face

You’re my moon & I need you in the black of the night

You’re the air in my lungs & I need you to breathe

You’re my only desire & I need you to survive

You’re my liberty & I need you to set me free

You’re my wings & I need you to take me so high

Somewhere I’ve never been

You’re my angel & I need you to lead me to heaven

You’re my saver & I need you to save my life

You’re my passion & I need you right in front of me

You’re my dream & I need you come true












You were everything that I wanted

it was my heart that you haunted

without you , my life is gray

for your success I will pray





Sale khoobi ro baraye hamatoon arezoo mikonam

wish you a good year full of happiness)a)

felan BYE


+ نوشته شده در Wed 18 Mar 2009ساعت 1:36 AM توسط tahere mokhtari |
His eyes are killing meeeee



Salam. doostaye golam.che mikonin ba tatilat?taajob nakonin .goftam ye kam Persian benvisam vase tanavo bad nist.midoonam alan be hamatoon bar khord chon az alagheye vaferetoon be English khabar daram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mohi joon ro ke didin hame too TV ???mane badbakht ke az 2 mahe pish sheipoor bardashte boodamo boogh mizadam ke in filme mohsen joono mikhan pakhsh konan, khodam dir khabar dar shodam natoonestam bebinam.sare tekraresham bad shansi ovordam faghat 10 daghighe akharesho didam.no matter chareii nist dige.lotfan sheraye in dafamo khoob bekhoonin chon kheili vase goftaneshoon zahmat keshidam.100 bar ghafie hasho taghir dadam. I hope you like it.

I see something in your eyes

It’s the truth in the lies

They are shiny and so bright

Like the stars in the night

Like the blue in the sky

I do love them, don’t ask why

Like the color of the sea

They comfort and set me free

They are so fit on your face

So good-looking, they’ll amaze

Baby, show me signs or marks

Your eyes shock me like sparks

They talk to me, they’re so leal

Something I could never feel

Your eyes should shed no more tears

I will clear all your fears.



 TO MY DEAR LOVE (Mohi jooooooooooon I mean) 

I love you


More than words can say

More than numbers can count

More than feelings can describe

More than dreams can come true

Your love means everything to me

.In fact it’s not just a love, it’s a miracle


 and the last thing is another poem that I wrote it and it took me a long time.



Baby, I’m so proud of you

I will ever think of you

With you I’m so satisfied

Cause you make me feel all right

Till I reach you, I will fight

I do love you, I won’t hide

Your love made me sacrifice

Your eyes to me seem so nice

Your love in me I will raise

You deserve the high praise

You are unique and your face

You should compete, win the race

You must move on, I will chase

God will help me with his grace

You are perfect, just don’t fade

I won’t reach you, I’m afraid

Your love always hangs me out

I adore you, have no doubt

You’re so handsome I insist

I’m achieving don’t resist

In dreamland that I’m resident

.You’re my love and the president


  what would happen if he read my poems?????????????????????



+ نوشته شده در Fri 27 Feb 2009ساعت 2:54 AM توسط tahere mokhtari |

Hi. My dear friends I have a surprise for you and it’s just a picture of my sweaty (Mohsen) that I painted it long ago during the times “TARANE MADARI” was shown on TV. Although it’s not very similar to his appearance I hope you like it.


I know the picture is not so good but I am not a painter just a student that my major is math so I am not supposed to be  Picasso

 THE POEM "WHERE DID I GO WRONG" is written by me.although there are some gramatical mistakes , I think it's rather good.I wrote it for my dear love MOHSEN


Where did I go wrong?

Why can’t you be the one I belong?

I’m going through a way that’s so long

There’s something always on the tip of my tongue

"why I'm in love, I'm so young"

I’m in the air, I’m completely hung

No, I can’t keep on singing some song

So many confusions I’m among

By a little charm of a boy I was stung

Life’s like a circle, circle of the wrong

In the middle of it, I’m swung

But not hopeless, I’m still strong

At last can I find the way back to you?

Are you really the one I belong?



 and another poem not written by me .I indicate it to Mohsen again

I wanna call the stars down from the sky

I wanna live the day that never dies

I wanna change the world only for you

All the impossible I wanna do

I wanna hold you close under the rain

I waana kiss your smile and feel the pain

I know what’s beautiful looking at you

In the world of lies you’re the truth



and another picture that is another surprise(I got it from "amoo barbod"weblog with some changes that I made in them) 




+ نوشته شده در Fri 20 Feb 2009ساعت 9:51 PM توسط tahere mokhtari |

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